Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Testimonials for Aromatherapy

I have experienced first hand how aromatherapy scents can trigger memory recall.

It can actually place you in that time of that memory.

I would enjoy hearing your story as well. Please feel free to share your aromatherapy story here.

Thank you so much.

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OrganicAromatherapy said...

Thank you for the invitation! As with most people, I have very few memories earlier than the age of 4, except for one particular memory that always comes back whenever I smell the fragrance from the flowers of the privet shrub.

At first I didn't know where the fragrance was coming from, but as I would walk down a street I would get a waft of the fragrance under my nose and it would take me back. After years I finally figured out that it was the privet! Lo and behold, I have one in the front yard of a house we purchased just over a year ago - the first time I have ever had one.

Whenever I smell the privet flower fragrance, I am instantly taken back to a time when I was 3 years old. It is one of the only memories I have of being at my grandmother's house (she died when I was 4). I am standing on the brown grass in her large back yard, next to her lemon tree. It is a hot, dry summer's day in Perth, Western Australia and I can hear the crickets/cicadas singing.

It is such a calming, reassuring memory of a time when all was still, innocent and one was ever living in the moment. (My how time changes us!)

To me, this is aromatherapy in action. I don't mind that I've never come across privet essential oil, as long as I can always get near a privet tree every so often.

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